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London Borough of Brent

Analyse LOCAL are able to provide detailed and extensive investigation into assessments in the Council’s locality that goes beyond what the Council can obtain themselves and makes referral to the Valuation Office Agency easy to manage and reduces the impact on the Council’s own staff. The team of trained researchers are knowledgeable in all types of assessment and are quickly able to identify alterations that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. 

The benefits to the Council are obvious:

1. additional revenue - this goes some way to offsetting lost rateable value due to appeals and other reductions in RV which ensures the stability of our tax base

2. as it’s a no win no fee basis there is no cost to the council, the additional revenue in a single year from a RV increase more than outweighs the fees charged

3. there is minimal additional admin work due to the quality of the reports provided, indeed the quality means there are no questions from the VOA, very few are no actioned and we have had very few ratepayers querying the increase in bills which suggests they knew they were getting away without paying!

Overall, our experience of using the services provided by Analyse LOCAL has been extremely positive; achieving the vast amount of revenue that would have otherwise been missed whilst benefitting from expertise that has complimented the Council’s own services.  It is in effect an insurance policy against any properties escaping the notice of our inspectors.

Revenues and IT Client Manager London Borough of Brent



Inform CPI Ltd was appointed by Birmingham City Council’s Revenues Service to carry out an exercise to find missing and undervalued hereditaments in the city.

Inform CPI Ltd, using their Analyse Local RV Finder software, has been able to identify a significant increase in rateable value.

The quality of the information received from Inform CPI is of a high standard and has been used by ourselves to raise reports to the VOA. The projections of RV increases have proved to be very accurate when changes are confirmed by the VOA.  

The knowledge and professionalism of the team of researchers has been very impressive.

Head of Service, Birmingham City Council 


I have been very impressed with the forecasting information supplied by Analyse Local. As it is updated regularly we are always able to provide colleagues in finance with the latest position, since the localisation of business rates the estimation of future yield and losses from appeals has become a high priority for us. The tool was particularly useful in the completion of the NNDR1 return and the verification of previous estimates made. There is also a drive in authorities to maximise the NNDR base and the accuracy and detail of the information provided in respect of missing properties from RV Finder is extensive and in many cases would not have been identified using existing Council procedures or resources.
Head of Local Tax London Borough of Ealing


Basildon Council Logo

Having reviewed each of the cases of missing rateable value identified by Analyse Local, I am certain that my team would never have found any of them.
Head of Revenues Basildon Borough Council and Brentwood District Council


I had major problems attempting to estimate the potential rating income loss due to the number of appeals still outstanding - and a few even going back to the 2005 List. Regrettably our software company was unable to assist. Analyse Local have provided easy to understand reports for our returns and also identified “high value” hereditaments that are subject to appeal, giving estimated potential losses liability for both current and previous years. At least when our NDR outturn is audited I will have some basis to substantiate my entries!
Technical Officer in Finance, Oxford City Council


The product is so simple to use, and with excellent onsite training, we were able to get going straight away.
The appeals forecasts we have received from Analyse Local have removed the concerns we had in trying to estimate ourselves and are proving to be accurate. We recovered the cost of the product in the first three months and would not be able to find the potential business rate targets easily and quickly without RV finder. This is an invaluable tool for the team.
Income Manager, Luton Borough Council


From the outset, the process of getting set up was handled efficiently and professionally and we had a great deal of faith in the expertise shown. Inform were fully committed to ensuring that we had the product up and running to assist with the completion of the NNDR1 despite the very short timescale we gave them. The training was detailed and the support and communication with our Account Manager has been excellent on an ongoing basis. The forecasting reports are very useful and provided us with the extra degree of confidence in the appeals figures used in the completion of the NNDR1 form that had been missing in previous years.
Revenues Manager, Preston and Lancaster Shared Service


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