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SBRR Audit

Analyse LOCAL’s SBRR Audit provides Councils with the ability to investigate and qualify ratepayers who are in receipt of Small Business Rates Relief.

The SBRR Audit system compares the Council’s portfolio of non-domestic ratepayers against an extensive database to identify discrepancies that would have previously gone unnoticed. This in-depth analysis and interrogation successfully highlights inconsistencies across limited companies, trading names and individual ratepayers.

A discrepancy rating is achieved through complex algorithms and matching processes between data from both inside and outside the Council’s boundaries. The rating, assisted by detailed search criteria and a suite of extractable reports, allows the Council to prioritise the caseload. The SBRR Audit also provides functionality for not only analysing current records, but the screening of future applications prior to awarding the relief.

With the ability to update the portfolio periodically, the Council can ensure that their records are kept as accurate as possible and the amount of relief awarded by them is appropriate.



  • Validation and appraisal of accounts where SBRR has been awarded
  • Identification of discrepancies in the rate account data held by the Council
  • Identification of ratepayers not in receipt of SBRR but who should qualify for the relief not yet on account
  • Integrity and fairness across Council Non-Domestic Rate accounts
  • The utilisation and integration of resources that are unavailable to the council


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