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CT Finder

Analyse LOCAL has a proven track record of finding missing commercial property. Following this success, Analyse LOCAL’s new ‘CT Finder’ provides a service to maximise revenue generated through domestic property.

‘CT Finder’ delivers a system to compliment and assist the Council’s team in making the Council Tax bill fair for all residents.

The Analyse LOCAL team uses extensive resources to identify missing properties from the Council Tax valuation list including:
• Subscription based databases
• Bespoke internal data systems
• Mapping and aerial imagery

The report incorporates all necessary information to issue a notification report to the VOA, including:
• Address details for the identified property and recommended effective date
• A detailed description of our findings
• Supplementary evidence to support the referred case



  • Ease pressure on council resources
  • Increase the income generated from council tax
  • Ensure equity and fairness
  • Utilisation and integration of resources unavailable to the council
  • Dedicated support from the Analyse LOCAL team
  • A success based service


For more information about Analyse Local please contact Inform CPI Ltd:

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